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Southern Choice Music Video

The official video for “Southern Choice (Missouri Football Song) by Las Vegas recording artist, Adam Tucker. A special thanks to Chimaeric for providing the excellent video footage and The Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri. (Released 10/17/2013)


Mizzou at the Zou 2012 Season

The season in review: pictures from Mizzou’s home games against Alabama, Kentucky and Syracuse. 

Mizzou Homecoming Game


Exorcising the Jayhawks

Last week Caleb and I caught one of the better games of the Missouri-Kansas  rivalry.  The Tigers won 41-39 on a last second field goal.  Outside the stadium before the game, we even met a Missouri Tiger priest who drove a Kansas City Chiefs hearse.  Picture 025

The game was also notable because the Tigers wore some some new unis from Nike as part of their Beast Mode Combat series.  Here is a snap I took of Blaine Gabbert handing off to Danario Alexander on an end around.

Picture 063

Nebraska at Missouri


Caleb, Lance, Noah and I watched the Missouri game last night.  Despite the outcome, it was great fun.  It was reminiscent of the last year’s game against Kansas at Arrowhead.  We lost that riveting game while snow flurries were coming down; this one took place in a hard, driving rain.  Decked out in our ponchos, we stood up all four quarters.  Because of a power outage, the game was ‘old school.’ The new scoreboard remained off and they didn’t have a public announcer talking between plays.  There wasn’t the constant barrage of pre-recorded music and advertisements.  Sara Evans sang the National Anthem but because the stadium speakers were off you couldn’t really hear the song.

The evening started promising enough.  I cooked some chili in the morning and came home from work with the smell of dinner in the crock pot.  We then watched the first half of the Cardinals and Dodgers playoff game before heading out to the Missouri game.  Halfway through the first quarter I received a text message that said:

Cardinals lost 3-2.  Holliday dropped the third out.  Hit him right in the nuts.  He looked like Duncan out there.  Can’t believe it.

Then the Tigers had a second half collapse and the Huskers scored four touchdowns in the final quarter to win the game 27-12.  It was a rough day for Missouri sports fans. 

And So It Begins…

This has been a wonderfully mild summer here in Missouri.  I can’t remember a time when the grass has been this green so late into the year.  And it gets better. Today begins college football season and all the pageantry of game day Saturday: tailgate parties, marching bands, stadium nachos, armchair quarterbacks in the stands, team mascots, school fight songs and university flags.  And of course, the chessmanship of the game. 

To celebrate the occasion, here’s a photograph I took at the Cotton Bowl two years ago. 

 Cotton Bowl

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