Tasting Life Twice

About the Author

Humans, by nature, have an acquisitive instinct.  Since the early hunter-gatherer societies, our species has devoted a great deal of effort to collecting the stuff of earth: animal heads and arrowheads, stamps and baseball cards, heirlooms and tools, songs and stories.  We mark the passage of time and make sense of our lives with what we can hold in our hands and hang on our walls and carry in our hearts.

I collect stories.  Of those I collect, some are told in class and on campus at William Woods University in Fulton, MO.  Some spill out in table conversations at the local watering holes and with friends over dinner.  And some I write down.  Similar to the novelist Anatole Broyard, “People bleed stories, and I have become a blood bank of them.”

Thank you for letting me share some of these stories with you.


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